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Kapton Tape
ES19204 ES19204

Specifications of Kapton Tape
Material: polyimide
Length: 33m
Width: customized

Kapton Tape is produced from polyimide film coated with silicone pressure sensitive adhesive on one side, with a coating accuracy of ±2.5um. The adhesive material is easy to shear and stamp, without scratching and drawing phenomenon. It is used as an electronic protection tape for SMT temperature protection, electronic switch, PCB board, electronic transformer, electrical relay and other products demanding heat and moisture prevision.

As a professional kapton tape manufacturer in China, our company offers a wide variety of products that includes cleanroom paper wiper, sticky mat, ESD cart, ESD chair, among others.

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Statically Electricity Prevention Tape for PCB Masking | Electrostatic Prevention Tape for Transformer | ESD Packaging Tape with Electrical and Thermal Insulation | High Dielectric Strength Static-free Packing Tape

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