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ESD Tape ES19202

Specifications of ESD Tape
Material: PE
Surface resistance: 10e6~10e8 Ω

ES19202 ESD Tape is recommended to use in the clean room and ESD function required places. It features high adhesion, reliable antistatic function, and little adhesive residue.

ESD Tape is divided into antistatic tape and warning tape. The antistatic tape is further divided into two types, grid tape and transparent tape. The warning tape do not has antistatic function, but its ESD mark plays a cautionary role for ESD area and static sensitive devices.

Eles is a specialized ESD tape manufacturer, based in China. Our products include cleanroom Products, antistatic chair, antistatic finger cots, ESD plastic box, and much more.

Related Names
Electrostatic Prevention Adhesive Tape | ESD Gummed Tape for ESD Function Required Place | Statically Electricity Prevention Adhesive Tape for Packaging | Static-free Packing Gummed Tape

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