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ESD Moisture Barrier Bag ES19102

Specifications of Moisture Barrier Bag
Surface resistance: 108~1011Ω
Gross thickness: 130±10μm

1st layer BOPP/ Polypropylene 28μm
2nd layer AL/ A-Foil 7μm
3rd layer PE/ polyethylene 900μm

Storage environment: temperature ≤35℃ and moisture ≤70%
Validity: 12 months
Sizes and styles can be customized as consumers' requirements.

Customs Code
HS code: 3923210000

ES19102 ESD moisture barrier bag is principally made from PET, BOPA, PE, with functions of moisture proof, static prevention and electromagnetism interference resistance. The three or four layers of the bag are bonded firmly to achieve water proof, oxygen blocking, light preventing and puncture resistant functions. The bag is opaque, contents invisible, without any printings. It is applicable to the packaging of humidity sensitive electronic products including PC board, integrated circuit plate, CD driver, hard disk, and other electronic components. The production strictly follows the standards of MIL-STD-2073-1, ASTM F 1249-2005, GB/T 10004-1998, and MIL-B-81705-C.

Our company is a specialized ESD moisture barrier bag manufacturer in China. We also offer antistatic cotton overcoat, ESD caster, antistatic chair, and ESD rubber mat, among others.

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Electrostatic Prevention Bag with Moisture-proof Function | ESD Moisture Barrier Packaging | Statically Electricity Prevention Bag for IC Integrated Circuit | CD Driver Used Static-free Packing Material

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