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Antistatic Fabric Chair ES17110

Specifications of ESD Fabric Chair
Material: ESD fabric
Color: grey & blue, blue & black
Dimension: 430x400mm (chair seat); 400x300mm (chair back)
Adjustable height: 460~600mm
Surface resistance: 10e8~10e10Ω
System resistance: ≤10e10Ω

ES17110 Antistatic Fabric Chair is equipped with high strength A-alloy five-star foot which is produced by whole die-casting, and conductive wheels made of high strength zinc-aluminum alloy. The static charge is released through a grounded metal chain. Fixed foot is optional and customized specifications are available.

As a professional antistatic fabric chair manufacturer in China, our company also provides ESD cart, antistatic cotton overcoat, PVC sole ESD shoes, and much more.

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Electrostatic Prevention Fabric Furniture | Height Adjustable ESD Furnishings | Statically Electricity Prevention Chair with Die-casting Foot | Static-free Chair with Conductive Metal Chain

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