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Antistatic Metal Wrist Strap ES16104

Specifications of Antistatic Metal Wrist Strap
Material: antiallergic stainless steel and ABS plastic
Hardware chip: stainless steel
Metal strap resistance: <100 ohms
Wire: copper platinum wire coated with PU material
Wire diameter: 2.2MM
Wire length: 1.8M
Grounding wire resistance: 10e6 ohms
Snap release: 1 to 5 pounds
Static decay period: <0.1s
Flex Life: >50,000 flexes
Colors: blue, black, grey
Customization is available

Pcs/ctn: 200
G.W./Ctn (Kgs): 22
Meas. (mm): 525 x 475 x 190
Volume (CBM): 0.05

Customs Code
HS code: 8543709990

ES16104 antistatic metal wrist strap can release the static charge on human body through the 360 degree conductive contact around the wrist. The static charge is drained by the grounding system. The metal strap is made from antiallergic stainless steel, whose resistance is below 100Ω. The outer layer is made from insulate ABS and is highly friction resistant. The length is adjustable to fit all sizes. The wrist strap has a long lifespan and does not generate particles or dusts so that it can be used in 100 class dust free environment. The wrist strap shall be grounded and the grounding wire shall be unobstructed to ensure the antistatic function.

As a professional antistatic metal wrist strap manufacturer in China, our company also provides ESD rubber mat, antistatic cotton overcoat, antistatic chair, among others.

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