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ESD Anti Fatigue Floor Mat ES14102

Specifications of ESD Anti Fatigue Floor Mat
top layer: PVC and conductive rubber
middle layer: EPDM (or polyurethane) foamed cotton
bottom layer: conductive rubber
Surface resistance:
static dissipative layer: 10e8 ~10e9 Ω;
conductive layer: 10e3~10e5 Ω
Size: 900x600x15mm, 450x600x15mm, or made into strips or pieces as requirement.

Customs Code
HS code: 4008210000

ES14102 ESD anti fatigue floor mat is applicable to working sites where prolonged standing is necessary. It is clean, and convenient to move. Its composite layer structure cushions foot pressure and alleviates fatigue. The surface resistance is 10e3 to 10e5 Ω, so that the floor mate permanently prevents static electricity. The surface is slip proof and resistant to acids and bases. Grounding cord can be connected to the floor mat.

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Composite Layer Electrostatic Prevention Mat | ESD Anti-fatigue Pad with Effective Cushion Foot Pressure | Statically Electricity Prevention Cushion with Warning Side | Static-free Mat for Anti-static Protected Area

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