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ESD Safety Shoes ES13701

Specifications of ESD Safety Shoes
Sizes: 38-39, 40-41, 42-43, 44-45, 46-47
Colors: Black and white
Weight: 542 g / pair (size 40-41)
Vamp Materials: polyurethane fiber or leather
Resistance of ESD shoe: < 10 M Ohm (23±2 ℃ and 12±3 % RH), the test method is based on the standard IEC 61340-4-3.
Antistatic index: 10e6 ~ 10e8 Ohm

Shoe Care:
The ESD shoe withstands machine wash of 90 ℃.
The Sole of ESD shoes must always be kept clean.

ES13701 safety shoe has a vamp made from polyurethane fiber or leather, and a sole made from double density PU. It features light weight, static prevention, high friction, oil resistance, puncture proofing, wear resistance, acid and base endurance, and water proofing. It is applicable to industries of automobile manufacturing, machining, construction, mining, transportation, etc.

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