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PU Sole ESD Shoes

Specifications of PVC Sole ESD Shoes
Size: 225-290mm
Vamp material: PVC leather/ leather/ dermis/ canvas/ conductive silk/ T/C material
Surface resistance: 10e6~10e9 Ohm
Sole resistance: 10e5~10e8 Ohm
Durability: 100 washings
Flexibility test: >300,000 times

Pair/ctn: 30
G.W./Ctn (Kgs): 19
Meas. (mm): 560 x 400 x 400
Volume (CBM): 0.09

Customs Code
HS code: 6402992000

PU Sole ESD Shoe takes PU foaming material as its sole to disperse static charge. The sole is also fine in performance of sweat absorbance and slip resistance, and has 5 times greater wear resistance than normal soles. The EVA contained in the sole can make the sole softer and comfortable. The sole and the upper of the shoe are formed together in one injection mold and the suture fastening is then carried out to make sure that the shoe product is strong and solid. The ESD shoe is usually matched with ESD flooring mat and ESD carpet to conduct the charge on human body to the ground. It is widely used in cleanrooms of electronic and semiconductor industries.

As a China-based PU sole ESD shoes manufacturer and supplier, we at Eles also provide palm and finger coated antistatic gloves, antistatic wrist strap, PVC sole ESD shoes, and much more.

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Electrostatic Prevention Shoes with PU Sole | PU Sole ESD Footwear for Dust-free Plant | Statically Electricity Prevention Footwear with PU Sole | Static-free PU Sole Shoes for Transportation Industry

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