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Antistatic Gloves ES12101

Specifications of Antistatic Gloves
Material: antistatic polyester fabric, with polyester and conductive fiber
Strap: 10mm
Size: XS-S-M-L-XL
Ordinary length: 21, 22, 23cm
Surface resistance: 10e6~10e9 Ohm
Static decay: <0.1s

Pair/ctn: 1000
G.W./Ctn (Kgs): 23
Meas. (mm): 560 x 45 x 45
Volume (CBM): 0.115

Customs code
HS code: 6216000049

ES12101 antistatic glove is made from antistatic polyester fabric consisting of polyester and conductive fiber. The separation distance between conductive fibers is 10mm. The glove has superb elasticity and antistatic performance, able to prevent the electricity sensitive components or electronic products from being damaged by human static charge and eliminate the possibility of combustion or explosion caused by static charge. It is widely used in electronics, semiconductor industry, telecommunications, precision instrumentation and optics, photographic film laboratory processing, video film handling, motion picture industry, electrostatic painting, and petrochemical industry. It is applicable to both dust-free purification workshop and daily life use.

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