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Ionizing Air Gun ES42104

Specifications of Ionizing Air Gun
Optional types: ES42101 iron head, ES42102 iron head, ES42103 iron head, ES42104 plastic, ES42201 power supply
Testing voltage: 1000V~100V, -1000V~-100V
Flow temperature: 22℃±5℃
RH : ≤60%
Action distance: 150mm
Static decay period: positive: 0.7S, negative: 0.8S
Weight: 0.6KG
Offset voltage: -30V~+30V
Operating voltage: 5.6KV
Current Consumption: 300μA
Operating Temperature: -10℃~+45℃
HV cable length: 3M
Air flow is adjustable.
Customization is available.

Set/ctn: 1
G.W./Ctn (Kgs): 4.5
Meas. (mm): 190x160x75
Volume (CBM): 0.003

Customs Code
HS code: 8467299000

ES42104 ionizing air gun can be hold on hand and its action distance reaches one meter. It provides strong ionizing air flow to remove dusts and static charge on the objects. It is widely used in precision production, electronic assembly, pharmaceutical industry, etc. The coaxial cable is of extensive durance. The air flow is adjustable. The assorted power supply needs additional purchase.

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