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Vacuum Suction Pen

Specifications of Vacuum Suction Pen
Tip angle: 30 degree
Sizes: large 0.09lbs (40g)/ medium 0.04lbs(18g)/ small 0.01lbs(3g)
Length: approx. 6 inch (15.3cm)

Vacuum suction pen is a small pneumatic tool consisting of a plastic or rubber shell, a pneumatic vacuum generator, a vacuum sucker, an elbow and a pneumatic reelpipe. It is conveniently used in assembling tiny components.

We are commissioned to sell HAKKO393 and VIRTUA vacuum suction pen, which can perfectly replace CONVUM, SMC, PISCO counterparts due to the high quality. All products reach the standards of CE and RoHS.

As a professional vacuum suction pen manufacturer and supplier in China, we also produce conductive copper fiber gloves, PVC sole ESD shoes, N95 disposable respirator, and more.

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Electrostatic Prevention Tool for Manufacturing Industry | ESD Vacuum Suction Pen for Picking Small Electronic Component | Statically Electricity Prevention Suction Pen | Static-free Vacuum Suction Pen with High Quality

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