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Soldering pen

Specifications of Soldering pen
Material: Nylon Tip
Tip Style: Fine Point Tip
Tip Length: 13.5mm
Tip Width: 3.5mm
ESD safe: yes

Dimension: 10cm x 5cm x 2cm
Weight: 0.2kg (0.44lb.)
Unit type: dozen

Soldering pen allows very accurate flux dispensing and eliminates dripping and flooding. It is easily cleaned and maintained with alcohol or water. The flux applicator is reusable and the tip and cartridge are replaceable. It is superbly suitable for spot soldering on IC chip, PCB and FPC.

We engage in professional sales of soldering pen with various international brands including HAKKO, NEJICCO, QUICKER, HIOS, ELM, GOOT, YAESU, WELLER, FRSINR, 3M, SIMCO, BONKOTE, CONOS, ASA, EDSYN, DELVO, 4KEIBA, MTC, XURON, KM, etc. Types of BBC, 951, and 102 are available.

Our company is a specialized soldering pen manufacturer in China. We also offer disposable non-woven cap, antistatic chair, conductive copper fiber gloves, among others.

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Statically Electricity Prevention Welding Pen | Electrostatic Prevention Soldering Tool | ESD Welding Facility | Static-free Soldering Pen

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