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ESD Tweezers VETUS

Specifications of ESD Tweezers

ES34101 ST Series
Model Material Size Hardness
ST-10 302 110MM HRC40-45º
ST-11 302 140MM HRC40-45º
ST-12 302 135MM HRC40-45º
ST-13 302 120MM HRC40-45º
ST-14 302 110MM HRC40-45º
ST-15 302 116MM HRC40-45º
ST-16 302 125MM HRC40-45º
ST-17 302 115mm HRC40-45º
ES34201 SA Series
Model Material Size Hardness
1-SA 302 120MM HRC40-45º
2A-SA 302 120MM HRC40-45º
2-SA 302 120MM HRC40-45º
3C-SA 302 110MM HRC40-45º
3-SA 302 120MM HRC40-45º
4-SA 302 110MM HRC40-45º
5A-SA 302 115MM HRC40-45º
5B-SA 302 115MM HRC40-45º
5-SA 302 110MM HRC40-45º
6A-SA 302 113MM HRC40-45º
7-SA 302 116MM HRC40-45º
27-SA 302 135MM HRC40-45º
33A-SA 302 120MM HRC40-45º
34A-SA 302 120MM HRC40-45º
35A-SA 302 120MM HRC40-45º
36A-SA 302 120MM HRC40-45º
90-SA 302 120MM HRC40-45º
101-SA 302 110MM HRC40-45º
102-SA 302 120MM HRC40-45º
AAA-SA 302 140MM HRC40-45º
AA-SA 302 125MM HRC40-45º
AC-SA 302 110MM HRC40-45º
OO-SA 302 135MM HRC40-45º
SS-SA 302 140MM HRC40-45º
ES34301 Head changeable ESD Tweezers
Model Material Size
ESD-2A 302 130MM
ESD-7A 302 130MM
ESD-242 302 125MM
ESD-249 302 127MM
ESD-250 302 116MM
ESD-259 302 130MM
ESD-259A 302 130MM
ESD-OO 302 130MM
ES34401 Stainless Steel High Precision ESD Tweezers
Model Material Size
ESD2AX 302 141MM
ESD7AX 302 140MM
ESD242X 302 137MM
ESD249X 302 138MM
ESD251X 302 127MM
ESD259AX 302 141MM
ESD259X 302 141MM
ESDOOX 302 141MM
ES34501 ESD Series
Model Material Size Hardness
ESD-10 302 110MM HRC40-45º
ESD-11 302 140MM HRC40-45º
ESD-12 302 135MM HRC40-45º
ESD-13 302 120MM HRC40-45º
ESD-14 302 110MM HRC40-45º
ESD-15 302 116MM HRC40-45º
ESD-16 302 125MM HRC40-45º
ESD-17 302 115MM HRC40-45º
ES34601 TS Stainless Steel Series
Model Material Size Hardness
72-MZ 302 130MM HRC≥70
OC9-SA 302 90MM HRC40
TS-11 301 140MM HRC30
TS-12 301 135MM HRC30
TS-13 301 120MM HRC30
TS-15 301 116MM HRC30
TV-150A bamboo 150MM
TV-150 bamboo 150MM
ES34701 Plastic ESD Tweezers
Model Size
702 117MM
703 116MM
704 116MM
705 116MM
706 120MM
707 118MM
708 120MM
709 118MM
ES34901 Lens Specialized Tweezers
Model Material Size Hardness
15-FW 302 115MM HRC65
91-3T 302 140MM HRC35
91-4L 302 125MM HRC35
91-4T 302 125MM HRC35
91-5L 302 130MM HRC35
91-5T 302 140MM HRC35
91-6T 302 130MM HRC35
191-6L 302 140MM HRC40

Our VETUS ESD tweezer features premium material, reliable quality, and good elasticity. It is produced according to Swiss standards and can completely replace professional brands in Swiss, Japan, Taiwan, the US, etc. The material used is 304 stainless steel, which has superb antimagnetic, antacids, anticorrosion and antirust properties. The surface is finely polished and the end ridges are clear.

VETUS brand tweezer has gained 80% market share in precision industries such as electronics, mobile phone and watch. The annual output reaches 1 million in high-end products and 2 million in low-end products. Free samples are available.

Eles is a professional ESD tweezers manufacturer in China. We offer a wide range of products, including ESD dotted gloves, antistatic cotton overcoat, soldering station, and more.

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