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Soldering Station
ES31103 HAKKO 951 ES31104 HAKKO 838 ES31106 HAKKO FM203

Specifications of Soldering Station
Power Consumption: 75W
Temperature Range: 200 ~ 450℃ (400 ~ 840℉)
Temperature Stability: 5℃ (±9℉)
Output: 24V
Dimensions: 80(W)x130(H)x131(D)mm
Weight: 1.2KG
Customization is available.

The Soldering Station consists of auto soldering tool, assistant equipment, antistatic products, test instruments, etc. It has a large use scope from household appliance repairing to IC and chip production and especially applicable to lead-free precision electronic soldering operation.

We are commissioned to sell various types of HAKKO soldering stations, including HAKKO951, HAKKO950, HAKKO838, HAKKOFM203, HAKKO937, HAKKO936, etc. We also undertake OEM and ODM orders.

Eles is a China-based soldering station manufacturer. We provide various types of products such as testing instrument, SMT PCB rack, antistatic chair, and more.

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Electrostatic Prevention Soldering Station | ESD Facility for Welding Use | Statically Electricity Prevention Tool for Electronic Product Soldering | Static-free Welding Station for Welding Precision Components

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