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SMT Stencil Roll ES23203

Specifications of SMT Stencil Roll
Material: 45% polyester fiber + 55% wood pulp
Gram weight: 56g/m² ~ 68g/m²
Product type: slice packaging or rolling packaging
Width and length are customized.
Machine Types:

Machine Dimension Pipe length
MINAMI ¢8mm x 270mm x 6m Plastic Core: 290mm
EKRA ¢13.5mm x 300mm x 7m Paper Core:400mm
¢13.5mm x 400mm x 7m Paper Core:400mm
MPM ¢19.5mm x 250mm x 10m Paper Core:455mm
¢19.5mm x 300mm x 10m Paper Core:455mm
¢19.5mm x 450mm x 10m Paper Core:455mm
Samsung ¢20mm x 400mm x 10m Plastic Core:460mm
Plastic Core:350mm
Suneast ¢20mm x 400mm x 10m Plastic Core:400mm
SONY ¢20mm x 260mm x 20m Plastic Core:280mm
DEK ¢20mm x 400mm x 9m Plastic Core:530mm
¢20mm x 490mm x 9m Plastic Core:530mm
YAMAHA ¢25.5mm³50mm x 15m Paper Core:360mm
¢25.5mm x 420mm x 30m Paper Core:420mm
Panasonic/KME ¢38mm x 350mm x 15m Paper Core:355mm
¢38mm x 480mm x 15m Paper Core:480mm

Pair/ctn: 40
G.W./Ctn (Kgs): 20
Meas. (mm): 350 x 520 x 520

ES23203 SMT stencil roll is produced from materials imported from the US, and processed by advanced equipments. It can remove solder pastes, dusts and oils from circuit board due to its high absorbance, softness, antistatic property, and high dust holding capacity. It is applicable to SMT production line, semiconductor assembling line, optical products, PCB products, medical facilities, etc.

We are an experienced SMT stencil roll manufacturer in China. We offer a wide variety of products, including ESD plastic box, SMT PCB rack, ESD rubber mat, and more.

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