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Cleanroom Paper Wiper

Specifications of Cleanroom Paper Wiper
Material: 55% wood pulp & 45% polyester fiber
Material technique: laminated
Size: 12"x12", 9"x9", 6"x6", 4"x4"
Gram weight: 56-68g/m²

Customs Code
HS code: 6402992000

Cleanroom paper wiper is the most popular wiper used in electronic industry and health care due to its low cost, cleanness, high absorbency, and softness. It remains high humidity in both dry and damp environment, and remains chemical stability while encountering acid or most of other chemicals. Its antistatic function restrains the generation of static charges and dusts.

Our company is an experienced cleanroom paper wiper manufacturer in China. We also provide ESD plastic box, conductive copper fiber gloves, ESD packaging, among others.

Related Names
Dust-free Workshop Wiping Paper for Laboratory | Water Absorption Paper Wiper for Clean Room | ESD Paper Wiper for Health Care Product | Dust Removal Paper for Special Medical Supplies

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